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Cajun Vapes About Us
Remain Calm and Keep Vaping

Welcome to Cajun Country

We are located deep in the heart of Cajun County, otherwise known as Southwest Louisiana. We are family owned and operated and are very passionate about electronic cigarettes. We’re active members of ECF, CASAA and supporters of anyone looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco products. We are also strongly against the Big Tobacco Industry’s attempts at flooding the market with inferior products (i.e. Blu, Apollo etc.)

In March of 2011 my wife, Kym, ended up in ICU with pneumonia where she stayed for 9 days having to have her lungs drained. She had to use a Spiriva inhaler on a daily basis and a rescue inhaler. Her Doctor told her if she did not give up cigarettes, she would end up with emphysema. I went to the convenience store and bought her a disposable cigarette, which did get her through her hospital stay but we quickly realized it was not going to cut it in our attempt to quit smoking.

We searched the internet, found ECF and were given some good information and a list of good suppliers. We began vaping in the Spring of 2011 with Joye 510’s and Riva’s. Since then, we have been through countless mods and countless dollars. I currently use the REO as my everyday mod and Kym uses the ProVari for hers. As of today, she no longer uses either the Spiriva or her rescue inhaler. Her Dr. has also stated her lungs look better.

I started making e-juice for us to vape and introduced some co-workers to the e-cig and began supplying them with e-juice. I was told I need to sell the stuff, so here we are. They call me the Cajun Chemist.

July makes 23 years of service in the United States Army and I am set to retire on 1 July. Since my Uncle Sam, you might know him, said I would not be able to draw my retirement until I reach age 60 I figured I needed to find a way to supplement the loss of income. With that, I hope you enjoy our Bayou Swamp Juice line of e-liquids. And always remember to

"The Butt Stops Here"

we are currently located at
869 Sam Houston Jones Parkway
Moss Bluff, LA 70611
Phone- 1(337)905-VAPE (8273) or (337)824-0041